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The Grand Californian, Part Three

With the Artisan Program, Disney extended an open invitation to modern-day masters of the Arts and Crafts genre to create work for the hotel. From over 5,000 applicants, 30 artisans and craftspeople were chosen. Here are just a few glimpses of their fine craftsmanship.


I was surprised that Janice McDuffie’s formidable Roycroft Pottery vase in the Great Hall is out in the open for all to strut right up too (it’s secured somehow to the table–good idea in earthquake country). But how nice to admire up close its shapeliness and green-into-sienna glaze. It has to be the biggest pottery vase I’ve ever seen. I am astonished that none of the goliath petals seem damaged in any way. Click on the photo and see if you can find the little frog.

The jumbo iris Roycroft, with its matte green and buttery yellow glazes, complements the organic Mackintosh Rose motif repeated throughout the award-winning Napa Rose.


Harold Green uses “nature as the source of inspiration for his cast bronze” like this rich door pull on his splendid wood and glass Lobby Display case. The case holds more Arts and Crafts movement pottery and dishware treasures.



Dannenbeck Studios dancing bears through the seasons ceramics help to make the front desk a work of art. The story goes that Susan Dannenfelser and Kirk Beck are Chicago Bears fans, so if you look closely you can see that some of the bears seem to be moving more like football players than dancers.




You must see the whole of Napa Rose to admire a motif tastefully employed to its fullest. The glowing entryway ceiling’s metal work by Architectural Alternatives is a particularly striking interpretation of the Mackintosh Rose.

What pottery, ceramics or metal work in your home are you especially proud of?

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