Lampshade Fashion with Slipcovers

Girlfriends have the best ideas over a glass of wine and a design magazine. I mean it, we women need to pay more attention to our fleeting brainstorms and ‘we shoulds.’

Shelly Dick and Wanda Guadamud did.


The attorney and business manager neighbors like to decorate with a contemporary flair in their Baton Rouge, Louisiana homes. Over an LSU football game one day, Shelly and Wanda lamented that there wasn’t a nearby shop to buy fashionable, metro lighting like they saw in Architectural Digest.

They first resolved to open a lighting store, but after a search for stylish lampshades and the expensive exercise of making their own, they wondered why someone would spend a couple hundred dollars on a custom lampshade with trendy fabric that would eventually go out of style.

Why not make slipcovers for lampshades in fashionable fabrics? But fitting the plethora of shade sizes and shapes sounded custom and labor intensive. The true brainstorm hit when Wanda sprinted to her teenage son’s room and said, “What about that stretchy book cover fabric?” The two yanked the fabric over part of a shade and frockZ was born.



frockZ are form-fitting lampshade slipcovers that come in two shapes, three sizes and 29 fashion-forward prints that Shelly and Wanda hand-pick and have manufactured. Not disco-shiny like some of those book covers, their washable, fashion fabrics have a matte finish.


frockZ comes from the word frocks, meaning dresses. So the idea is “like fashion for your shade.” Prices are sensible so that lampshades can be as changeable as throw pillows; you can switch them up for the seasons or with your evolving tastes.

Just slip one on your shade like (should I say it?) what the heck, like a ‘lampshade condom’. Presto, chango, new lamp! And the patterned fabrics work to transform even dented or tattered shades. So hit the Goodwill and order up a frockZ next time you need a new shade.


Shelly is so friendly and easy to talk with. What most impressed me is she and Wanda’s commitment to “Pay it Forward” with help to other women entrepreneurs, because of the many women who helped have helped them with frockZ.

When I asked what advice she has for women who have a similarly fabulous brainstorm, the sharp attorney replied in a hint of a southern drawl, “Follow through, follow your instincts and your intuition. Do what ever you can to protect your idea before you mention it to another person, then get to market quickly. Go with your idea. Our culture doesn’t teach women to recognize that we have good ideas.”

I’m glad Shelly and Wanda did.


Hmmmm, I’m getting tired of that lampshade over there.

What do you think of the frockZ idea? What about the thought that women need to trust more in their instincts, and run with their ideas?

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9 Comments for “Lampshade Fashion with Slipcovers”

GREAT idea! THERE is NO doubt that women have the ideas and IF they follow through, great things can happen. GO, girls, GO!

I think this is a great idea. I have some lamps I still like but the lampshades are spotted and stained from age. I will definitely buy some frockz.

These are great! I found their website ( shared it with a friend of mine who does Home Staging. She went crazy and ordered several of them for the homes she is working on!

This was such a wonderful idea. I now possess a Zebra print lampshade in my home and absolutely love it. When I’m not in the “mode” any more, I can change it in a heartbeat. These ladies were really clever.

Is out of business? I can’t log on to the website and I’d love some of these lampshade covers. Thanks!

Hi Kristin,

I sure hope not; such nice ladies. I will contact them and comment back shortly.

— Kathy

Hi Kristin,

The site is loading for me, but it looks like it’s a “Flash” site, so maybe it doesn’t load for everyone. You can contact Shelly and Wanda by email at — Let me know how it goes!

— Kathy

Wow! Those were really amazing. Great..great..ideas there! Congratulations to you both. I love the floral one. I had also checked your site and I have found more great stuffs. Keep it up!

Bought a couple of these lamp shade covers and love them…..wish there were more choices of colors and patterns.

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