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Vinyl Wall Decals Give Large Scale Whimsy

Vinyl Wall Decals Give Large Scale Whimsy Need a big impact for your wall without spending much time or cash? The new generation of wall decals is your answer. A shout out to Lauren O’Malley of Style Niche, writing for 2Modern for turning me on to blik Surface Graphics, the mother of all wall decals sources. Induce a giggle with the blik Chandelier or make a graphic statement with the Spheres from […] Read more »

Cook up a Modern Classic

Cook up a Modern Classic So I was loading the dishwasher the other day while watching Stacy and Clinton transform the latest fashion disaster into a style maven, and something Stacy said made a lightbulb go off over my head. The virtual, not kitchen, kind. She shared a simple rule to look stylish: Choose a classic-shaped garment in a modern fabric. I immediately realized this works just as well with […] Read more »

Inside the Not So Big House — Books

Inside the Not So Big House — Books My grandparents’ home in Braintree, Massachusetts was brimming with carefully crafted details. I remember the warm wood moldings that encased each room, the refined mantelpiece, and the useful glass and wood cabinets between the living and dining rooms. Grandma and Grandpa’s house was not large, but one could see that the craftsmen who built it had first considered the people who would be living there, […] Read more »

Kids Room Design — I’m Jealous

Kids Room Design — I’m Jealous Am I the only one who swoons over design intended for kids and teens rooms? I am jealous of the fresh, colorful and organized spaces found in children’s decor. I guess designers know that heaps of things come along with a child. It’s true: big plastic blocks, the complete Dr. Seuss Series, poster paints, bracelet-making kits, softballs, basketballs, footballs. And stuffed animals—don’t get me started […] Read more »

Your Personal Color Wheel

Your Personal Color Wheel It’s easier for most of us to buy a colorful object than it is to choose paint colors for our homes. Without much consideration we’ll snap up that aqua McCoy vase at the flea market, or snag that purple blouse off the Kohls’ rack. But when we need to pick paint colors for our rooms, the decision is often more difficult. A slick solution comes […] Read more »

A Sense of Place — Challenge # 1

A Sense of Place — Challenge # 1 We all are more inspired when we’re in certain locales. Are you moved when you go to the seashore? Can’t get that tropical vacation out of your mind? Do you come back from a few days at the mountains refreshed and invigorated? Maybe you’re darn happy in your quaint southern hometown, or on your city block with your favorite coffee shop and bookstore just steps […] Read more »

Fused Glass Glistens as Home Art

Fused Glass Glistens as Home Art I’ve always been enamored with stained glass. As a kid I could stare at those kaleidoscopic church panes for hours. It’s the play of light through the vivid pieces that tickles my eye, color addict that I am. So our home has its share of stained glass lamps. My love affair has expanded beyond typical leaded stained glass, to include glass art of all kinds. […] Read more »

Aluminum Accent Tables – Jewelry for Your Room

Aluminum Accent Tables – Jewelry for Your Room Reflect on this: If you’re going to add sparkle to your room, why not think bigger than metallic candlesticks, vases and frames? Check out these glistening sand-cast-aluminum furniture pieces that add light to your living room or bling to your bedroom. Feel-good (often made from recycled aluminum) and shiny enough to check your lipstick after that cup o’ Joe. I love the blend of old […] Read more »

Welcome to

Welcome to Thanks for stopping by on our inaugural day! is a vibrant, community site for people who are into home decorating and design. So if you dream in paint colors, hyperventilate while strolling through IKEA, or if you can’t wait to hit the garage sales to find your next piece to refurbish, you’re in the right place. I call us “Design Junkies.” HomeWorkshop is where […] Read more »

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