Easter and Spring DIY Craft — Table Decor

Happy spring! Easter is just a few hops away; you’re probably booking that ham at HoneyBaked right now. If you’re entertaining Aunt Marge, Uncle Fred and the whole clan this Easter, or if you just want to brighten up your spring table, here’s an Easter DIY craft especially for you.



Many moons ago, I got the great bargain of 50 cents apiece for a stack of solid-colored cloth napkins. These take paint really well. So I thought I’d make a few “Table Squares” (like table runners, but not rectangular) and I sketched some designs to stencil. Here are the finished products that make dandy centerpieces. For a longer table, use two or three. Enjoy!





Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs and Spring Carrots Table Squares

Supplies & Tools:

    Stencil Patterns (PDF):

  • Cartwheelin’ Carrots
  • Tumbling Bunny
  • Eggciting
  • Solid-colored cloth napkins (cotton is best). I used lavender and light green.
  • Freezer paper
  • X-Acto knife
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic fabric paints: white, peachy-orange, light lime green
  • Stencil brush
  • Plum paint pen (for Eggciting design)
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Craft cutting mat



  1. Print out the stencils onto 8 1/2″ x 11″ plain printing paper.
  2. For each stencil pattern page, cut a sheet of freezer paper a bit larger than the stencil pattern.
  3. Temporarily tape or staple the pattern onto the freezer paper with the shiny side of the freezer paper face down.
  4. Cut out your stencils—I used an X-Acto knife just to get a slice big enough for the blade of my scissors—I found it easiest to cut out the remainder of the design with scissors.
  5. Trim to about 1/2″ or so around the outside edge of the stencils.
  6. Cut out the polka-dots for the Eggciting design separately.
  7. Press the napkins.
  8. Change your iron’s setting to medium or high ‘Dry’ setting.
  9. Press the freezer-paper stencils onto your fabric, shiny side down, being careful not to burn yourself or the stencils. It doesn’t take very long until the stencils are adhered to the fabric. Iron the eggs polka dots for the Eggciting design separately into the center of the egg-stencil outline.
  10. Turn down the iron heat if necessary.
  11. Make sure all edges of the stencil design are firmly adhered, and that you don’t block one stencil with another. Trim stencil edges as needed.
  12. Unplug that iron now.
  13. Paint two coats of fabric paint inside the design area with a stencil brush; use a tamping motion to apply the paint, and then smooth out with a stroking motion.
  14. Allow the paint to dry to the touch in between coats. For the carrot design, I stenciled the first coat in white, and then followed up with the orange and green—this helps the colors pop off the background.
  15. When the paint is dry to the touch (for me this was an hour later), carefully peel off the stencil. Set the Table Squares aside to dry completely (for me about 3 hours).
  16. For the Eggciting design, outline the eggs with the paint pen.


Voila! Fun and funky table decor. Aunt Marge may actually be impressed.

How are you decorating your table this Easter? Let us know if you plan to make a Table Square and if you do send us a photo!

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