Cook up a Modern Classic

So I was loading the dishwasher the other day while watching Stacy and Clinton transform the latest fashion disaster into a style maven, and something Stacy said made a lightbulb go off over my head. The virtual, not kitchen, kind.

Philippe Starck Louis Ghost Chair

She shared a simple rule to look stylish: Choose a classic-shaped garment in a modern fabric. I immediately realized this works just as well with furniture. In fact, this blend of styles often draws me to a piece. It ups the coolness factor.

Look at (or better through) Philippe Starck’s Louis Ghost Chair by Kartell. A modern furniture staple, its beauty blends traditional baroque lines with crystal clear polycarbonate. An indulgence yes, but how these will illuminate your next dinner party.

Phillippe Starck Louis Ghost Chair

Or dress a Norwalk Louis XV in a swirly Paradox of brown and blue. You’ll get a warm but kicky spot to sip a cup of tea.

Norwalk Charlevoix Chair

Or curl up with the latest chick lit in a wing chair wrapped in natural seagrass, PB’s warm interpretation of an old family favorite.

PB Seagrass Wingback Chair

So here’s your recipe: Take one part classic-shaped chair and blend well with one part modern material. Voila! Now that’s cool.

Are you ready to cook? Let us know….

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