Kids Room Design — I’m Jealous

Am I the only one who swoons over design intended for kids and teens rooms? I am jealous of the fresh, colorful and organized spaces found in children’s decor.


I guess designers know that heaps of things come along with a child. It’s true: big plastic blocks, the complete Dr. Seuss Series, poster paints, bracelet-making kits, softballs, basketballs, footballs. And stuffed animals—don’t get me started on stuffed animals—I am sure they reproduce somehow because my daughter’s pile constantly expands like that Styrofoam-making science experiment.

Because of all the stuff, kids room designs and furniture incorporate many elements to keep things organized. Gobs of cubbies, cabinets and slots. Baskets, drawers and corkboards. I know that in reality my children’s rooms will only remain organized intermittently and with my intervention, but still I crave some of those cubbies to intermittently (when company is coming over) use myself.

Can I please have a loft bed with a cubby-filled desk and bookcases below it? If I could convince my husband to climb a ladder to go to sleep each night and if manufacturers would build king-size versions—sign us up! Our formerly tiny master bedroom (by today’s giganto suite standards) would seem spacious. Heck, we could even build a dance floor under that loft bed. Classic jazz, soft lighting, hmmmmmmm. I’d have to first talk hubby into dancing, but that’s another story.


And dig those lockers. Probably nostalgia for middle-school, but I think a few tastefully-painted lockers would be fab in a grown-up space.

Our brushes seem looser with color and motif for our kids, too. I don’t know about your place, but the color in our tween daughter’s room is the coolest in the house. I find myself drawn there. We’ll think nothing about freehand painting paisley shapes right on the wall in a child’s room, but would we have similar courage to do so in an adult’s space?

So am I alone, or do you also ♥ that PB Teen room that just came in the catalog? Have you tried anything as cool in your own spaces? Please share….

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9 Comments for “Kids Room Design — I’m Jealous”

im so jealous of these rooms! but, seriously how many people ACTUALLY have these rooms?

I know, Amelia. And the state most kids rooms are in day-to-day is tough to be jealous of. Its a constant effort to get them to pick up, and not to trip in the middle of the night over something left out.

[…] this if it weren’t for the inspiration of the aluminum tables, or frankly that this was for a cool kid’s room; that gave me a free pass on boldness. And that Jo-Bros set likes anything […]

it’s juss wonderfull , i like it ,
but as same as what Amelia said ,,,

i like the 2nd 1 , 🙂 ,

Hi Latef,

Yes, Amelia has a good point doesn’t she. Thanks for stopping by — Kathy

where did you find this loft bed? the first one?

Hi Jess!

That’s from PB Teen. Here’s the link.

Thanks for visiting us!
— Kathy

how much is the first one? please write back please

Hi Shannon,

That first one is from a Pottery Barn photo, at the time of the article. This is the closest thing I found there now: . I am sure other kids room furniture manufacturers have something similar, or you could have it built.

Best wishes!

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