Aluminum Accent Tables – Jewelry for Your Room


Reflect on this: If you’re going to add sparkle to your room, why not think bigger than metallic candlesticks, vases and frames? Check out these glistening sand-cast-aluminum furniture pieces that add light to your living room or bling to your bedroom. Feel-good (often made from recycled aluminum) and shiny enough to check your lipstick after that cup o’ Joe.

I love the blend of old and new in pieces like Pottery Barn’s Recycled Aluminum Accent Table (above). The effect is particularly striking when this refined shape takes on a modern finish. It’s like your grandma’s end table with a fresh coat of 2009.

Or this spunky square-topped version from Bellacor:


And Horchow’s beefy Round Side Table reminds me of the pub-style card table where my family played board games.


I think these tables would lend a spark to either a modern or traditional setting. Do you agree?

Do you have any shiny aluminum furniture in your home? Let us all know how it works in your room.

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16 Comments for “Aluminum Accent Tables – Jewelry for Your Room”

This is a great suggestion – I’m working on a room / office right now that has this dark brown leather sofa that your photo reminded me about. I haven’t liked the dark wood end table that’s next to it. Now… something like this would definitely wake up that corner. And it opens up possibilities for brighter colors on the wall.

Thanks for including the links, saves me some time searching.

A table made out of solid aluminum must be very durable. 🙂

Stumbled across a similar table in the same aluminum on a clearance site for catalogs. Table was reduced from $199 to $129. I was lucky enough to get the last one. This will add a bright spot to a small bedroom area.

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Hi Maureen & Patrick, Sorry — meant to comment back on this earlier.

Maureen, So GLAD you got your bargain table! What a deal. You are the resourceful online shopper. Did it arrive yet? How does it look in your room? Send us a photo to if you don’t mind.

Patrick, Did you get a table for your space? How did it work out?

Shop on…
– Kathy

I actually purchased two tables -from two different online sites and both significantly less than the prices listed at the sites above. I love them. One is slightly higher than the other so they sit together beautifully. I have them in a blue and white bedroom and use them as a side table (and a half).

That’s great, Maureen. I like that they aren’t exactly the same either. Sounds like it looks snappy.

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Where can I get one of these on the cheap? Please! I’m drooling..

Hi AJ,

I’ll do a little research and get back to you, hopefully soon so you don’t get the floor wet.



Are you still following this post? If so, any chance you can give some bargain source advice to AJ? AJ, I see one on special at Pottery Barn for $249; still looking for better price.


Okay, here’s what I found AJ. Any other Design Junkies who have ideas, please let AJ know with a comment here. AJ, let us know how it works out and email a photo of your room when you get your fab table! — Kathy

1) Small version at Bellacor on sale for $187
2) Home Decorator’s Collection for $199
3) Pottery Barn table from above, now on sale for $249


I just heard from bargain-hunter Maureen who commented earlier on the post about the deals she got on two aluminum accent tables. She found three on EBay from $139 to $339. The latter is on the Neiman Marcus site for $909. Also NM has several other tables including a smaller, more sculptural table for $329.

She said, “Hope that helps.” Let us know how it works out. — Kathy

You ladies are awesome, thank you!! Now I just need to come up with a case for why we need this before my husband gets home.. hmm. I will definitely email a photo, it’s for our guest bedroom/where my desk is. THANKS AGAIN!

No problem, AJ and thanks to Maureen.

Can’t wait to see your photos, AJ (and to hear about the case you made for the purchase if you feel like sharing that). 😉

Design on,

[…] We delight in Ben’s design for his new kitchen. We relish reading Yolanda’s plans for whiteboard paint in her laundry room. And we’re galvanized into a bargain-hunting frenzy by Maureen’s shopping prowess. […]

I was striking out with the sites which had been offering
that adorable chic alum. accent table. In all the searching I did, including this site, I happened upon a
site Decor Collections. There might be other items someone may be looking for. What stopped me dead was a
lovely accent table I have wanted, in aluminum, for $70.
I was thrilled and have ordered it. Free shipping.
If you have given up, do not. There is hope out there!

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